Identifying The Next Generation of Celebrities, with Blake Robbins

And why David Dobrik may have a bigger impact than David Letterman

Our guest on Means of Creation this week is Blake Robbins, Partner at Ludlow Ventures!

Blake is one of the most trusted voices in eSports, the creator economy, and anything that touches new media. He knows more about the rise of YouTube stars than anyone I know and his deep dive posts on David Dobrik and MrBeast highlight how content creation is changing on these new platforms.

A Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient, Blake became a Partner at Ludlow Ventures just a few years out of college after stints at Google, Nest and SpaceX. 

In this interview, we talk to Blake about: 

  • If David Dobrik is the new David Letterman, what that means for “old media”, and what the landscape will look like in 10 years

  • The biggest issues for creators and what companies are solving those problems

  • The advantages of living in Michigan and what coastal investors don’t understand about investing in the Midwest

  • Why new media talent keeps forming in clusters, such as with 100 Thieves

  • Request for startups in the creator economy

  • How he broke into venture capital

  • And more!

Join us live on Zoom

We’re talking to Blake this Friday, September 18th, at 11:00am Pacific, 2:00pm Eastern! Join us, and be sure to bring your questions. 


Big Announcement

At the end of the show on Friday, we’ll have a special announcement for a brand new thing we are doing with Means of Creation. We are super excited to tell you about it and hope you join us to listen in!